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All Star Kings: Rules

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All Star Kings: Rules Empty All Star Kings: Rules

Post by Rizuntaki Wed Sep 07, 2011 9:34 am

Please try to follow these rules

1) This is a "Drama-Free" clan. So please DO NOT get involved in any drama. Solve the drama through your Fat Princess skills, not words.

2) Be friendly to your clan members and FatPrincess community. If a clan member needs help, we will try to help him/her

3) Try to be active. Practices and matches ARE NOT MANDATORY but i would like to see you participate in them. Not only in the game, but as well as in here in the forum

4) Real Life before Gaming. Please put life before playing Fat Princess. I would like everyone to be excellent in every area of your life. Ex - family, school, etc. Three hours of FP a week is enough

5) Do NOT glitch




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